Insite - Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market

(Work carried out whilst working at

I took on a role here as a contractor within the Communications Service, which was then called Internal/External Relations Department. The initial tasks I undertook were to develop, maintain and support the Office’s Intranet, and Corporate website portal, but there were many other tasks.

In 2008 a decision was made to build a new Intranet for the office, and I was assigned as the Lead Senior Software Developer for the project. It was decided as an IT Architecture decision of the organisation that Joomla 1.5 would be the technology to use for the build.

Due to the architecture of Joomla technology, there were a number of components, modules and plugins needed to be tested. Here are some examples (there are many others!!) of extensions used:

The new OAMI Intranet built on Joomla technology was launched at the start of 2009, and I continue to develop, support and upgrade it (now 2.5.11), releasing new components and supporting/training users. I also had the opportunity to use Joomla technology for other OAMI projects such as TM Officials Forum etc.

This role has given me the opportunity to gain seven years experience as a Senior Software Developer and working overseas for a European Institution, under contract, for a long period of time. The contract was initially for 6 months but has been extended 12 times.

Software Used:
Drupal 7, Joomla 1.5/2.5, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Classic ASP, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000, MS Access, HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop CS

IntraNEC - NEC Technologies

(Work carried out whilst working at

Employed as a contractor my initial task was to develop, maintain and manage the European Group Global Intranet. The group consists of three European divisions, the UK, France and Portugal. The contract was initially for 6 months but has been extended 3 times with 6-month periods.

I managed to persuade the management to let me build a SQL Server database, that would sit behind the web application and store data on employees, projects expense codes, budgets etc. The role has been very rewarding for me as I have been able to apply new technologies namely ‘Wiki’ to the intranet development. Using this Content Management Tool users were able to update content easily. Any data would be stored in the SQL Server data store.

Software Used:
Classic ASP, SQL Server, Javascript, Crystal Reports

Cornwall County Council Intranet/Extranet

(Work carried out whilst working at

This project provided an Extranet and underlying database for use by REP Ltd and the Integrated Area Plan (IAP) offices of Penwith, South Kerrier and Carrick. The database was designed to administer the application of local Objective One funding to the appropriate local groups and businesses. It included full project and funding details, contact indexes and report generating facilities as well as a multi-layered access structure.

The main requirements of the system were:

  1. The ability to maintain a shared contacts database of all individuals associated with projects being carried out across the three areas
  2. The ability to track all activity associated with projects
  3. The ability to monitor and report on project outputs for funders
The system incorporated the following features:

1. An underlying database which held the data for all contacts, projects, activity, etc
2. A suite of ‘front-end’ web-enabled tools (the Extranet) that allowed the system’s users to read, write and query the data. The Extranet is available over a public network but password-protected to allow access to only accredited users

Software Used:
ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, Joomla, PHP, Javascript, Atleap CMS, SQL Server 2000, MS Access, HTML, Adobe Photoshop CS

chillibase - Red Hot Chilli Intranet

(Work carried out whilst working at

The aim of chillibase was to have a central area to store and organise information, manage documents, share calendars and enable efficient management of existing projects. Written in ASP and SQL Server it allowed Project Managers to fully specify manage their projects. The system boosted a Timesheet Scheduling facility which meant that all employees would have to book all their time against a project. This meant that projects could be well managed and costed. The project involved all stages of analysis, design, specification, implementation, testing, training and support.

Software Used:
Classic ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, Joomla, PHP, Javascript, Atleap CMS, SQL Server 2000, MS Access, HTML, Adobe Photoshop CS



Ameveo Ltd

Ameveo Ltd are web solutions solution company.

The company simply wanted a brochure website to promote their services.

The website was built in Drupal 7.

Software Used:
Drupal 7, MySQL, Bootstrap, Jquery, HTML, Adobe Photoshop CS5

Casa Coveta S.L.

(Work carried out whilst working at

Casa Coveta S.L. specialise in the holiday rental market. They are located in Coveta Fuma, El Campello, Spain.

The website was built in classic ASP and used MS Access for the data store. It had a back office which was very limited and the owner did not have access to manage areas of the website that needed to be managed.

One of the key requirements for a new version of this website was a user-friendly, functional backoffice . I decided that due to the two main factors:

1. A full manageable CMS and Property Administration
2. Minimum budget

that Umbraco was the perfect solution. In my opinion it gives the website owner administration to every part of the website and also is pretty much out of the box, thus assisting a lower budget.

Software Used:
Umbraco 4.11, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2010, Javascript, HTML, Adobe Photoshop CS5

Costa Coveta S.L.

(Work carried out whilst working at

Costa Coveta S.L. is a strong and dynamic company, active in the wide range of real estate. Their speciality is in the house real estate. They are located in Coveta Fuma, El Campello, Spain.

This website was built for this estate agent to enable search functionality for their properties.

The first version of the website did not have a dynamic search engine and was built using classic asp. An AJAX driven search functionality was built into the second version of the website, and a back office was added.

Software Used:
ASP.NET, SQL Server 2010, Javascript, AJAX, HTML, Adobe Photoshop CS5

Elanmead Ltd

(Work carried out whilst working at

Elanmead Ltd are a small consultancy that specialises in quality management and process management for clients who want sound advice.

Their requirement was for a corporate website with tools to market themselves to potential clients.

The website contains all the typical elements for social networking, blog etc and also introduces the fundamental message which they want to market, that all companies benefit from quality and process management.

Software Used:
Joomla 2.5, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML, Adobe Photoshop CS5

Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market

(Work carried out whilst working at

OHIM is the European Union agency responsible for registering trade marks and designs that are valid in all 28 countries of the EU. My responsibility for this website as a Senior Software Developer was to maintain, create and update content, structure and features.

Following the inital build in 2009, my role was to create, maintain and manage the website content and structure.

In November 2013, a new website will be launched which has been developed in Liferay, and this site will act as a portal for all the e-commerce applications for registering a trade mark or community design.

Software Used:
Drupal, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop CS

Register Brand Europe - China/Japan/Korea/Russia

(Work carried out whilst working at

The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market wanted to reach out to the market outside of Europe. Basically, the market that the office concentrate on is Europe, so a project was carried out to build four websites for the following areas of China, Korea, Russia and Japan. The websites needed to promote the protection of trade marks and design on a worldwide scope.

Also a domain name was chosen to be different than the office so RegisterBrandEurope was purchased.

Here are the four websites:

1. China -
2. Japan -
3. Korea -
4. Russia -

If you were to access the flagship OHIM website from any of these countries, you would have the choice to be directed to the respective country website. These sites target the aidience of that company through testimonials, videos etc.

Software Used:
Joomla, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML, Adobe Photoshop CS5

Gael Arts

Gael Music was a new organisation that was set up in 2006 to promote understanding and appreciation of traditional music amongst people of all ages but particularly the young and to help more schools become aware of the benefits this genre can offer children who may have not yet found a voice within existing music services.

The project was funded through the Arts Council of England.

Software Used:
Classic ASP, Javascript, HTML, Adobe Photoshop CS


This site was launched in January 2009, and is a website for people selling property in Spain.

There was a rise in properties for sale by owner to avoid paying agent commission, so this website was created to target this market. A client registers to list their property, then pays a small lifetime fee and potential buyers can then contact the seller directly. The site was successful and now has over 200 members.

Features include personalised membership pages, and also Microsoft Outlook type emailing facilities.

Software Used:
ASP.NET, VB.NET, MS SQL Server, Javascript, HTML, Adobe Photoshop CS5

Based in Meribel, France in a consultant role, my main task was to develop an E-commerce site for the company.

Once built, I had to turn the site into a commercial profit-making product.
Once it was developed I had to maintain it, and build on certain functionality to the site, to make it more user friendly.

The site sold Lift passes, Ski equipment etc for ski resorts all over the French alps.

The site was launched in December 2002, and turned over 80K worth of sales in 3 months.

The conditions for this role were very exciting for me as a snowboarder, with free accomdation in a chalet in a snow resort, a free season lift pass and also flexible hours of work.

Software Used:
Classic ASP, MS Access, Javascript, HTML, Adobe Photoshop CS



London Federation of Rugby Union

(Work carried out whilst working at

Kingsbury Shaw Ltd were asked to develop an application 'EasyRef' for The London Society of Rugby Football Union Referees (LSRFUR) that would assign referees to matches across Britain. I was asked to undertake the task of being the Key Developer for this project and decided that it would be built using Visual Basic.NET and Crystal Reports 9 to develop the 20+ reports that would power the reporting suite.

Once built, the model acted as a client application which was deployed to a number of clients' machines. These client apps would then communicate via a synchronisation facility to a central server database (MS SQL Server available via a public network). The client databases were made up of two linked components:

Application – this contained the forms and functionality

Data – this contained the data that is read into the application component.

The client applications work independently of one another allowing appointment managers to manage their own regional data (club, member, fixture, etc). The synchronisation routine enables the client application to export changes with the central database allowing that data to be shared with other EasyRef users and for subsequent publishing on while a download routine pulls data from the central server onto the client application.

Software Used:
VB.NET, MS Access, Seagate Crystal Reports 10.